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8 quick and inexpensive ideas to update your space

Like your closet, your home needs renovation from time to time. However, furniture and home decoration are often much more expensive than clothes, which means it can cost a lot of money to run out of decoration and completely redecorate. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to use your …

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How to create a stylish house with children

When it comes to that, we all want that magazine to be a decent home where everything is seen together and perfectly designed. But planning and then running a well-designed house can seem daunting, especially when children get involved in the mix. True, it is difficult to find the balance …

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Our favorites of the house sale Casita

Decorating a house with children is a delicate balance between staying true to their style and incorporating elements that their children need. Your spaces must be functional and balanced to create a warm and welcoming environment. This is where Cottage enters. They bring together some of the most elegant luxury …

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8 tips to live a minimalist life with children

We've been hearing it a lot lately. The word minimalism It has been at the tip of our tongues, adorning the shelves of our bookstores and constantly appearing on our screens. And probably for a good reason. Have you looked around your house recently and thought: "How did I accumulate …

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