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45 Wonderful DIY Sewing Gift Ideas #diy #tutorial #doityourself #craft #crafts #crochet

45 Wonderful DIY Sewing Gift Ideas #diy #tutorial #doityourself #craft #crafts #crochet – My Ideas

 1. Adorable Chevron Backpack

This is such a fun and trendy design! You could really do any kind of pattern or style, but chevron is always in and looks great as a backpack!

2. Zip Pouch

Zip pouches have a hundred different uses, and with this idea you could easily make a hundred of them! Use it for coins, sewing material, pens, or whatever else you want!

3. Burp Cloths

Just because you need to burp your baby doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style! And, even better, with your own homemade burp cloth! This is great for yourself but is also an awesome baby show gift that really comes from the heart!

4. Scalloped Edge Sunglasses Case

Not everyone needs (or even wants) a sunglasses case, but if you DO, then here is an awesome and easy tutorial. The great thing about a homemade sunglasses case is that you can design the size, shape, and style to exactly match your favorite pair of sunglasses!

5. Curling Iron or Straightener Case

These really come in handy when you’re traveling or have to share a bathroom with family or roommates. You can easily know which straightener is yours or keep your wandering children’s hands away from the curling iron with this idea.

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