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Fabric face masks | A simple but cumbersome and free project #fabric #face #masks #diy #facemasks

Have you ever thought about making a fabric mask? Some people dealing with allergies believe that their only option is the disposable paper mask, but a soft-tissue mask might be considered. My sweet companion Suzi downstairs is wearing a beautiful pink fuzzy hair clip given to her by her sweet groomer Erin, and you will soon see how it all combines with face masks. 😉 Suzi is a maintenance-intensive border collie mixture that not only needs a special prescription diet, but has allergies to most things … but also requires monthly maintenance. Your care is more than just a bath and blow-drying. She has to brush her teeth, clean her ears and regularly express her anal glands. A need for Suzi that helps her stay healthy and healthy. So we love Erin, her groomer we see every 4 weeks. I don’t share with many people that I sew my clothes ….. which sounds so funny, how active I am about all of this and on IG … but in general I found that it was the most one unpleasant pause leads nice people just don’t know what to say because it is such an anomaly in my area. So Erin was surprised when I shared some sewing things on Facebook and she texted me and asked if I could make her some fabric face masks because she was allergic to dog dander and she would like to pay me. Erin is the sweetest, nicest and most generous person of all ….. so of course I said ‘sure’ and that there would be no payment and she could send me a photo of what she wanted. In my mind do I think face mask? Where in the world can I get a face mask pattern? !!

This is the image Erin sent me below that linked her to the Etsy shop where it was up for sale for $ 17.51 ​​+ $ 13 for shipping from the UK to the USA. Adjustable elastic band around the ears, nose, mouth and chin completely covered. These are the functions that I have focused on. And pattern … at that point it was certain that I had to find out for myself.
Imagine my surprise when a simple Google search provided the only perfect pattern! And it was free !! Craft Passion designed 3 sizes in their simple pattern and gave step-by-step instructions. Somehow I printed a small PDF brochure, but today I can only find the instructions on their website. Anyway … it’s free. A big thank you to Craft Passion for this great service.

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